My apologies to any reader who have opened my blog and not found any new writings for many months.
Why now,you ask , am I returning to writing. There are most likely many reasons for not writing which are
rather personal in nature,but the reason for starting again is that I picked up my number eight book on happiness called,”Stumbling on Happiness”, by ,”Daniel Gilbert”. He begins the book by asking the question of how humans are different from all other living forms. His answer is that we can imagine the future. He goes through the theories put forth my psychologist and anthropologist on how humans are different such as humans being able to use tools,but apes or monkeys use a straw -rudimentary tool draw up ants for their meal. Squirrels store food for the winter ,but it is instinct he says not imagination of the future that squirrels hide nuts when the temperature drops to a certain temperature.
I shall let you know what I get out of this book when I finish it. The author makes a promise of being entertaining as well as informative and thus far has kept his promise making me laugh hilariously a number of times already.

Bertrand Russel in his book , “The Conquest of Happiness” written in 1930 writes ,” a person cannot attain happiness until the age of 30″. He says the reason for this is that by this time a person has finished his education ,gotten a job and perhaps begun a family”. How times have changed. Today, students in their early 30’s and much later struggle with massive debts of student loans. Has this become a new form of enslavement by the established power structure of how the few can control the many. Why has education become so expensive? Why are countries abandoning their youth in assisting them to be free independent adults. It appears it is more prevalent here in North America . I’m not sure what the scene is in Australia and New Zealand. In Asia , post high school education has always been on the expensive side.

One of the elements that has contributed to my happiness in the past 2 years is the introduction of a raw food diet and a year ago the Omgym or the flying yoga suspension system. I’m not a purist. I still enjoy steam vegetables, sprouted bread, sprouted rice, sprouted quinoa , oats and flax seeds cooked breakfasts.
The ,”Blendtec” blender is my best friend. Recently I began a bullet Proof Executive coffee drinker. In my experiment I found that ghee butter works well with my high quality ,”Kicking Horse” coffee beans.
Friends of mine are thanking me for introducing them to this manner of drinking cafe. All the taste of a good latte with no drawbacks-only a positive increase of mental clarity and energy without the jitters some people have with their second coffee cup of the day.

Releasing a two year relationship that no longer served me also contributed to my happiness. I became free to pursue woman with similar values and interests who could admire my best qualities and absorbed the effects of my human foibles which maybe are not so many -depending on whom you ask-but nevertheless , constitute the human condition.

Traveling, which brings me both great pleasure and happiness is being delayed a bit this year as I furnish a two bedroom apartment to rent.