Arthur Poirier


Arthur is a 68 years young Canadian man who is a Global Traveler,a Biodynamic therapist, Body Worker (R.MT. for 32 years) , Landlord, Psychotherapist , mentor, writer, photographer, cyclist, environmentalist , Chinese Wand teacher, health conscious individual -decades before it was fashionable, admirer of the minimalist design in all forms. Arthur is interested in functional, thriving communities and the need for real education .

Arthur enjoys listening to classical music to nurture his soul, the company of like minded conscious individuals, stimulating conversations,and is open to entertaining new ideas and human possibilities.

In retirement, Arthur is exploring having a second home in a warm country.
He has spend the last 21 winters in Asia and lived in on the foothills of the Japanese
Alps for two years at the outskirts of an “Onsen” (hot spring) city called , Matsumoto where he shared a healing centre with his German partner, Amu who was the first European medical Dr. to practice western medicine in Japan.

The Japanese people were extremely responsive to Arthur’s Biodynamic work.

He has also worked in ,The Bahamas, France, Thailand, and Jamaica.

On October 16th , 2010 Arthur flew to Quito , Ecuador on route to Vilcabamba on the 20th to attend the ,” Conscious, Convergence, International Conference ” of the “Rainbow Warriors “. It was a ten day event.

Arthur stayed two months in Vilcabamba becoming familiar with the local ex-pat community doing his work and doing exchanges with several healers.

Presently the he finds the study of longevity fascinating and rewarding . He is constantly exploring ways to be healthier in body,mind and spirit.

Past exploration have been the use of a small electronic device at night called ‘Earth Pulse”-Pulse Electro-Magnetic Field therapy.

The sleep on program -sleep mode programs helps you wake up fresh in the morning by stepping up through Theta-Alpha-then low Beta rhythm to -Alert Mode_ prior to program end.

After using this device for the past six months, Arthur reports that it indeed works to facilitate a sound nights’ sleep .

Arthur recently began using a night mouth guard to treat his sleep apnea. It’s working very well and his partner enjoys a quiet night’s sleep.

A friend of his gave him a book called “Earthing ” and the same principle is used in the book- use the grounding plug in the wall outlet in your home and ┬áto be in touch with the earth’s magnetic field.

The theory is that if used every night it will increase the activity in the mitichondria of the cell leading to a longer life span. Meanwhile one wakes up refreshed every morning.
Arthur has found the heal/recovery mode very useful for old injuries.

Another exploration with Dr. Al Sears is the renewal of Telomeres in the body.
As we age the connection between chromosomes- the telemores – begin to fail.

Dr. Al Sears believes that the breakthrough in our ability to repair and keep the connections between chromosomes is the most important breakthrough in the science of longevity.

Arthur is presently in Chiang Mai, Thailand until the end of March.

Contact # in Chiang Mai is 090-758-7470