Beginning in mid March to October one prays for cloudy and rainy days in Chiang Mai. After a rain it cools off for several days.
The cloudy period before a rain store is a good time to get around and do errands otherwise staying indoors in air an air con room is the only comfortable way to enjoy life in Chiang Mai.
Today , a storm as slowly been gathering clouds for a down pour.
It is now around 4: 30 p.m and I suspect we will have a sown pour within an hour.
The best months of visit Chiang Mai are Oct.(the later part) Nov. ,Dec. Jan. and Feb. Sometimes it isn’t so hot until Mid March but one can feel the increase of heat during the first week of March as a rule.
Also at that time beginning at the end of Feb. a lot of burning of rubbish , fields etc. causes a lot of pollution in the air that adversely affects one’s lungs.