Before sitting down to write this post I opened up one I had written March 23, 2011 or over one year ago. After reading the posting, I said to myself ,” how much Chiang Mai and my experience of Chiang Mai has changed.”

Dada Kafe where I hung out most of 2011 had increased their prices by 20% across the board. I’m aware that food prices have gone up but others have swallowed the increases not changing their menu prices from the previous years. Perhaps , people are catching on as I was the only one there for dinner several weeks ago during prime dinner time.

Juice4u appeared to be doing a brisk trade with the young backpacker crowd raised at McDonald’s and Kentucky Fried Chicken given testimony to where there taste buds are at.
What I like in Chiang Mai is that there is something for everybody.

A new fledgling new restaurant opened in 2011 ,Kin Dee across the street from Dada Kafe was closed the evening I was in the neighborhood . I like the owners and wish them well. Their Italian coffee is one of the best values in Chiang Mai. I have enjoyed great meals there in the past also.

Near Thapee Gate ,”Aum” ,my first choice restaurant , for from 1990 t0 2000 but has fallen on hard times in the past decade and can not be recommended.

One of my favorites in the gated city, “Blue Diamond” still serves good food but the staff are stiff and afraid lending no so good feeling to the place. Blue Diamond has in the past year begun to display a very attempting array of tempting desserts.

Perhaps, it is because I have found much more open, relaxed and and innovative menus at other restaurants outside the gated city that these former restaurants no longer appeal to me. It is more energetically , that I fault these restaurants where I once mellowed in their service and atmosphere.
Outside the gate , near the Y.M.C.A. and a 8 minute walk from Central Plaza on the road going to the mountain in an area called ,Santanim Rd., a number of new restaurants and coffee shops have sprouted up. There are also a number of good guest houses located here . I shall not single any out as their are too many to mention. It all depends whether you plan to stay short time or long time. The Y.M.C.A. is much too expensive to me.
B2 not too far away from the Y.MN.C.A. might be a place to check into while you look around.
If you are into the healing arts, or enjoy being around people who aspire to be healthy I recommend ,Satava Yoga Restauant, PunPun and Goat Coffee in the area.
The area boasts several Thai massage schools and yoga studios.
Yet across the street and further towards the University of Chiang Mai try out ,”Salad Concepts”. Their are also many Japanese and a couple of Italian restaurants in the area .
Coffee shops frequented by Thai students are found by the half dozen on every block in the area.
The difference between the two areas mentioned above and in the gated area is that the above restaurants cater to the Thai’s as well as the Farang or foreigners.
The restaurants in the walled city near the gate cater almost exclusively to foreigners.