I first met this British man yesterday during lunch. Today he appeared at my new breakfast venue which is across the street from where I’m staying this winter.
Mr. J. as I will call him has a science background coupled with a background in English. He married the two and ended up teaching students in a university in the Far East that were in a technical program that required the need to master the English language.
At first he was entertaining but after a while it became boring in that he monopolizes the conversation and it becomes a monologue instead of a dialogue.
He had spend time in the city of Toronto where I have lived a greater part of my life when not traveling and knew a lot of interesting tidbits about Toronto and it’s roots in England especially Mr. Simoce the founder of the city of Toronto.
He doesn’t look all that healthy. Although living in a country of perpetual sunshine he is pasty looking with a red nose. I admire how he was able to leave the technical world and return to university to obtain an English degree.
Now, if he would only learn the fine art of listening he would indeed be a great conversation partner. Perhaps , it’s all those years of speaking in a class room.
Until tomorrow enjoy the moment-life to the fullest.