Each morning I walk over to Atava Yoga cafe for a breakfast of veggie omelette. On the way there I wonder who I will end up chatting with during breakfast. Atava feels like a dining/ living room in a private house. There is a sofa that sits three people. It was put there because the cafe owner needed a home for it . At the beginning , people sat there talked and had coffee. Now, we order our full breakfast and eat our breakfast on the small tables that are in front of the sofa.

Today I joined a young lady from Norway who was sitting on the couch when I arrived. About 15 minutes later , a young lady from Holland came in and I moved to the centre to give her room to sit a the end. She is half Chinese and half Dutch. I a rather bizarre coincidence both she and the woman sitting on my left are both Anthropology graduates. No more six degrees of separation I am finding.

She is studying Thai massage for about six months. She is a rather intelligent and independent young woman.  She has a circle of politically and socially aware friends who meet at her home in Amsterdam. We chatted about our common interest in Jungian therapy, body mind neo Reichian and Biodynamic therapy as well as the challenge of being free in an ever increasing unfree world.

When I meet such acutely aware young woman such as she, it gives me hope for humanity’s future.