I’m having coffee with my friend Marcus. Before he leaves a young family arrives at the cafe They have a very friendly young boy with them. He does a little dance routine jumping at the end.

After Marcus leaves , I go over and chat with the dad a quiet slender man with a wispy beard. He appeared European . He told me he was from California but did not have the accent from there. they Mystery is solved when he tells me that his parents live and work in Bangkok. He hasn’t been to the US for the past six years. He has a lovely Thai wife and the have a private business in Chiang Mai.

The people I meet in Chiang Mai are a constant pleasant surprise to me. ┬áToday I was able to catch my coconut ice cream man. For sixty cents I have a cup of coconut ice cream. He walks by Goat cafe every day pulling his little coconut trolley. It’s such a wonderful alternative to calorie laden milk ice cream . The living is definitely easy here.

Yesterday , I bought my itouch to my phone man to repair. I had not been able to charge it for some time.  He was able to charge it and sold me a new charger for $6.00. He made my day. He made my day as I have a lot of information on it that I want to save to my new portable hard drive.