Let me introduce you to my European friend Mr. A. Mr.  A has been living in Chiang Mai for over a year now. He supports himself by working as an IT consultant. He appears as a gentle soul that he is. He has introduced me to a number of Coffee shops where he does his work during the day. The latest is a gem as it has two floors and all the seats are very comfortable. It’s the only place I have come across in Chiang Mai that serve real Green Tea Machette . I enjoy one cup of coffee each morning at ,”Goat Coffee ” with their fast and reliable internet.

I like my European friend as he is soft spoken and has chosen me as on of a very few people that he will spend any time with. He is a central part of my community of friends that I have here in Chiang Mai. Being an IT guy he has generously assisted me with a number of issues I’ve had with Apple products. He uses a MacBook Pro.

I have met a number of IT specialists who have embraced the OS system for their work. Some have installed windows so they can also use their own software.

It’s people that give meaning to you life and I feel so grateful to have attracted a wonderful group of people into my life and attracting more each passing day.

Keep posted as I let you know who Arthur met today.