In my 22 years of staying in Chiang Mai , I have witnessed the magic Chiang Mai holds for seekers. This is particularly true this year. I recommended to a British woman in Toronto that she try spending her winter in Chiang  Mai instead of Australia. I also gave her the name of an American man who I had met last year as a contact person. He recommended she stay in a different area of Chiang Mai than I usually stay. To get to the point – after she settled in, found the area to her liking, this same fellow put a deposit on a lovely quiet room for me  in the same area.

For me the best thing about this area is Satava Yoga cafe. It attracts seekers ,wanderers, healers, and thinkers. On any day you can find an array of interesting people sincere in developing their inner lives as well as outer lives.

This morning I joined my German friend Marcus who is in town for three weeks. He was sitting with a young Japanese man. This young man had an abccess under his right eye which was red and needed medical attention.

Shortly after sitting down a young woman from Amsterdam arrived and I invited her to  join our table. I had met her at Satava two days previously. She also had a direct eye infection.

This young lady is finishing an undergraduate degree in Anthropology. She is in Thailand studying Thai massage. Interestingly enough she told me this morning that she has always enjoyed doing massage. When she was young she told me she used to massage her mother. She lives in a house in Amsterdam that is the host to creative people , photographers,  music makers, artists and many who enjoy sitting in the living room discussing topics of interest that they have strong feelings about. She is both aware and curious about her roots which are Dutch/Chinese in orgin. She spoke at great length this morning about the history of the Chinese in Holland.

A British acupuncturist recommended that  they see a medical Dr. around the corner who spoke English. We trooped over and within 20 minutes both patients were taken care off and given something for their respective conditions.

For those that know me personally , you are very aware that I am a master net worker. “Nimman Clinic” has been added as a medical referral to my list of names in Chiang Mai.