Today, the first new person I met was a young woman healer from Berlin. I met her at breakfast at Blue Diamond Cafe. She had been living here for the past four years or more.
We had a lot of professional agreements in common as we both do body/ mind work.
She had to run off to see a client shortly after we met so we exchanged information and agreed to get together soon.
At another cafe later I met a man in his late 50’s who carried a big cane-really a big stick.
I asked him about it and he said that he had a bad back and this helped him with the pain when he walked. He had been in the Navy in the US when he was younger. I got the impression that he has resigned himself to living with back pain the remainder of his life with the odd cortisone injection to give him pain relief from his chronic pain now and then.

Siting next table to the American man was a British gentleman who I had met four years ago while staying at Findlay’s Cottages- a real misnomer for the rooms. They were merely four rooms lined up in a row. The term cottage is taking great poetic license.
I met this Brit and his wife at Findlay’s cottage because they are friends of the management. We had wonderful conversations around traveling I remember with fondness.

Until tomorrow, may all your journeys be safe ones.