I met her at a veggie restaurant. She was wearing a rather simple but unique dress and I asked her if she had made it her self. She replied that she indeed had make it herself.

Two days later we met again in the same restaurant and we began a conversation. I ended up spending the day showing her my little venues that I enjoyed in Chiang Mai .

In this series I will not use anyone’s real name or specifically tell where they live. Let’s call my new friend Rieko. Reiko is from a little town in the west of Japan. She trained as a marine biologist but recently had a strong impulse to work in the fashion world creating her own brand. She does not have any original concepts but feels she can alter other designers works to create a new piece of clothing.

She has given herself four months to make contact with designers in Thailand. She feels it would be too overwhelming to attempt this in Japan.

It just happens that I connected with a well known fashion designer who lives in Thailand 11 years ago  . His name is Uso and his brand is a rabbit. She knew this brand but had never met my friend.

We had  a lovely day exploring some of my favorite places: the juice bar a block away from ,”Blue Diamond”, Angels Secrets (my coffee place) “Green Living” , a small Japanese cafe, and Outdoor Gardens (my green sanctuary in the midst of the noise, chaos , and concrete of Chiang Mai.

She lived in Australia for two years and speaks passable English. She does not have a lot of support form her family for her natural living impulses but they don’t stop her from exploring .

In her early thirties, it will be interesting to see where Reiko’s explorations will take her. I wish her the best.