I have a double entry visa to Thailand. I had to go to Burma to renew another six months on  my visa . After I did this which took all about 20 minutes. A mini van took us from the bus station and dumped us about 100 ft. from the Mai Sai Thai -Burma border. We quickly went through Thai customs technically leaving Thailand. We walked for about three minutes to the Burmese immigration. I paid 15 dollars got a Visa then returned to the desk that I had paid the 15 dollars and told them I didn’t want to go into Burma to shop so I received a exit stamp from the Burmese immigration. Then I walked back 3 minutes filled out a form for the Thai immigration handed it to them. I looked at it before I left and realized that I had gotten someone who couldn’t do math. I was to receive another 60 days and had paid for this in Toronto, Canada. I protested. A Thai woman ,who seemed in charge took it and immediately knew what my complaint was and changed March 18th to March 28th therby giving me more or less my 60 days.  I will have to return at that time and get another 15 days as I need to be in the country  another 8 days before exiting or I can fly out of the country and come back again gaining an automatic 30 days. I shall see when the time comes what I shall do then.

The point of this story is to allows check your passport to see if indeed the stamp date is in your passport and is it correct. This was pointed out to me by an American man who stays in the room next to me with his Thai wife. I am grateful to him for the tip.

On to who I met today. After reentering Thailand I was sauntering along the shops until at one point I found myself talking to a 60 year old Thai woman. I know this because she told me. She also told me that she had a Ph.D. in biochemistry and taught  at a university in Bangkok. She was accompanied by her daughter who was choosing two watches . As we chatted she mentioned her sister had a quest house near Thappee gate in Chiang Mai . When she said it had a swimming pool and a coffee shop near by a bell clicked into my memory. I said I knew your mother. I had indeed done Chi Kung with her mother at 6:30 a.m. 11 years earlier . I also had met my Parisian friend at the  Chi Kung class at that time.

Her daughter who is studying architecture has a dream to visit Paris.  I told her perhaps I could help you by getting you in touch with Marie. I gave the young lady my card with my contact information on it.

For Global travelers it is now oftentimes only one degree of separation.