This morning as I entered Satava restaurant there was a young ,slender man with long ,light brown hair seated across from my new European woman friend. He turned out to be an interesting young man. At 35 he is rather independently wealthy owning his own IT school and consulting service with another German chap his age. He also teaches IT to Thai government and private industries.

He has a house in Phucket but is living in Chaing Mai for three months as it is very hot there at this time with the temperature hovering  between 35 to 45 degrees Celius.

He is also a specialist in in optimization for webs site search engines. This means he is able to tweak a website so that your product comes up first when people are searching for a particular topic.

We three chatted about how easy it is to live in Asia and how different it is from living in a Western country.

I’m always curious to how people fund themselves when living in Thailand for a long time especially if they are younger people.

As the quality of life declines in the West , more and more people will flee to Asia or Latin America where quality of life is much easier to attain.

The question becomes to what degree these emerging countries can stave off the negative effect of the basically North American influence and to a lesser degree European influence.