Eleven years ago I attended a ,”Lightworkers ‘ conference at the Rimcone Hotel. At the time there was one modern building in the area-a 7-Eleven store. Now ,there are nearly half dozen coffee shops or restaurants off every block on both sides of the street and down the sois or side streets that run off of it.

Since yesterday I have dined or drank at four different establishments starting with the ,”Yesterday Coffee ” house. I’m writing this from, “Salad Concept” a salad restaurant as the name implies. They have both an indoor and outdoor area with about 20 tables both inside and outside. I’m sitting in an small outdoor enclave with a three comfortable chair arrangement writing this blog. The food is tasty and the portions are quite generous.

Afterwards I sauntered down the street to ,”Imprezzo” cafe. It has great surroundings with a generous outdoor area. Alas, the surroundings could not make up for the tepid  coffee I was served. The venue came highly recommended by both an English friend and his Italian friend who had joined me at breakfast. They raved about it. I shall return and hopefully this was just  a mistake in their otherwise great service.

There were a group of cyclist there and I asked them where I might find a bike store. I was told there was one two blocks away. I did find it and also two Dahon folding bikes that interest me.

I’m looking forward to exploring my new neighborhood  during the reminder of my four month stay.