Perhaps  Chiang Mai,Thailand might be one of the best places in the world to live and work an online business.

As well as retirees like myself with an independent income, there are thousands of Western men and women working on online business’s in Chiang Mai and other parts of Thailand

I’m at  a “Yesterday Coffee shop “and my German friend is sitting in front of me doing his days work. An hour ago , I left ,”Goat Coffee  House” and there was a couple facing one another on MacBook Air and a MacBook Pro busy at work.

The living is easy here. You can live very well on $1000.0 a month – the average cost o f a decent one bedroom apartment in the West. In Chiang Mai this will generously cover all your living expenses . This means eating out every meal, housing and all your daily needs like , laundry, health club dues, transportation, phone and internet bill etc. By eating where the locals dine one can cut those expenses in half.

If you suffer from kinks in your neck and back from working on your computer you can get an hour massage for six bucks.

When I arrived in this town 21 years ago you could count the number of coffee shops on both hands. Now, that would barely cover most blocks. Choices, choices, choices. An office rental for less than two bucks a day.

For the past two decades , I have been preaching ,”earn your money in the West and spend it in the East.” Now, with the advent of reliable high speed internet in Asia, one can both work and live in Asia while getting paid in western currencies.