Yesterday I was in Ottawa to spread ¬†my wife Barbara’s ashes who passed away nearly two and a half years ago.

Her wishes were that her ashes were to be spread to the natural elements of water, wind, wood , natural growth of trees, and  flowers etc.

She had chosen the site of her friend Elizabeth’s home which is in the middle of nature with a beautiful lake front where she had enjoyed natural elements a number of times when she had visited her friend Elizabeth.

For the past two and half years I have been envisioning a perfect Spring day. Barbara’s sunny disposition reminded me of Spring. She was an artist and an art teacher. Her inner child was quite accessible to her.

Her friend Elizabeth ,where the ceremony was to happen was quite devastated by her passing. It has taken until now for her to recover her balance so she could partake in this event.

I had felt rather badly as time passed by and my friends would ask me if I had fulfilled Barbara’s wishes.

We had been having a lot of cold and rain the past several weeks but yesterday morning it began with the sun shining and by noon it was a perfect Spring day with geese walking about unafraid and butterflies ,insects and bees buzzing about. Even the wind was warm.

After the ceremony we had a wonderful lunch and I drove to Toronto with a light heart.

This too gave me great happiness to fulfill so well Barbara’s wishes. She who gave so much to me when she as alive.

Today, the weather continued and I felt very alive especially when I rode my Brompton folding bike to do several errands in the late afternoon.

Happiness is riding a bike that rides tight like a German automobile. My Brompton was tuned last Friday and rides so smoothly.

Here is to a happy summer.