One would think that there would be less smoking travellers not more as it seems to be in 2011.
I eat primarily at organic veggie restaurants. One would think that smoking would not be appreciated at a venue catering to a health conscious clientele. Not the case. I confronted one lady who was outside but holding her fag in such a manner that the smoke drifted into the interior of the restaurant instantly turning off any desire to eat. When I confronted her , she responded,”it’s legal to smoke here.” There was no sign saying she could or could not smoke so she assumed that it was indeed from a legal point of you. The lack of consciousness among smokers on this trip in particular has been appalling.

In a book by Dr. Buttar, titled ,”NIne Steps To Keep Your Dr. Away” he states that it takes 7 years to release the toxicity affect of only one smoked cigarette. He will not treat a smoker. He gives them 30 days to give up smoking. If they don’t stop he stops treating them.
The second worse toxic substance for your body he maintains is coffee. He states that coffee contains 204 toxic substances. Coffee drinkers do not interfere with other people’s health and happiness.
I do enjoy a cup of coffee now and then but I have never been a regular coffee drinker.

It wasn’t until the year 2000 when I began to spend six summers in France that the joys of drinking coffee with eating a piece of delicious Belgian chocolate became a regular habit after a 30 years of absence of never drinking coffee.

Though a minor, but no less irritating practice is the playing of t.v.’s at a loud volume. Part of the issue here is the lack of insulation in between the walls separating you and the traveler on the other side but also , most people play the t.v. with the volume too loud.

I will confess to being extremely sound sensitive and not owning a television for the past 20 years.
I find the sound of t.v. extremely irritating to my nervous system. This is a big handicap for a global traveller as the world becomes increasingly noisier with each passing day it seems.
I find watching television mind numbing , the content vacuous , and most often manipulative to either missform you or sell you something you don’t need but must be convinced by the advertisers that you indeed need it.

Now you know my two worst peeves that I abhor while travelling.

Okay, it is not entirely true. Crying infant and children and barking dogs allowed in the passengers
section of the plane do not contribute to the happiness of any traveller.

They don’t happen often and many times are short lived .
Travelling rates on one of the top things I enjoy experiencing on the planet.