On Tuesday I take a 9 p.m. flight to Bangkok . At 1 a.m. I board a Thai airway flight to Shanghai arriving at 6:30 a.m. where I have a 13 hour wait for my 7:30 p.m flight to Toronto.
I was originally booked to fly to Tokyo. At the moment , all flights from Tokyo to Toronto by Air Canada have been cancelled.
The good news is that I’m flying business class when my seat gets to sit on the seat on the plane.

It will be a rather rude adjustment getting back to Canada. No more sauntering down the street to sit down and have my meal put in front of me, no one to do my laundry, no one to hang out with and shoot the breeze every day .

One other great benefit here in Chiang Mai , other than the great choice of great restaurants is the high quality Thai massages that are available. A two hour massage with a generous tip sets you back 20 bucks. You do have to know where to go as massage places ae a dime a dozen this year in Chiang Mai. Along Loi Krois there are too many establishments chasing too few tourists and none of them are any good. For the most parts they are staffed by former bar girls who give you a bad massage with a happy ending if you are a guy and they charge you as much for your happy ending as they would have in their former trade as a take out bar girl.

I was lucky to discover Loi Krois Massage school ten years ago and I have stuck with them as they have been consistently professional and have delivered a high quality of treatment over the past ten years.
The good news is that unlike most travellers here is that I do not have to go back to a job I like or dislike.

I do miss my friends, my little beach community, our wonderful libraries in Toronto, and of course my snug ,comfortable apartment.
Of course I shall have to tackle my taxes when I return to Toronto. In the next couple of months and as early as next month I shall check out Panama as a possible place to settle down .
What I have discovered about myself is that I enjoy change and what works for me is to spend time in a number of places but having a central base .

I’ve booked massages for both Monday and Tuesday so I shall be rather relaxed by the time I leave Chiang Mai on Monday evening.

Happy ,safe travels where ever you are my dear reader.