I have been coming to Chiang Mai ,Thailand for the past 20 years . This year I arrived on Jan 3rd. The weather was the coolest and most agreeable in twenty years. Two days ago it changed. It is very nice in the mornings, late afternoon(after 4 pm.) and during the night.
I don’t need a fan ,let alone air conditioning. From about noon to 4 p.m. one breaks into a mild sweat. This is acts as a great moisture condition for your skin making it much more healthy than dry heat.

I read that Java and some parts of Indonesia have sunk 20 feet into the ocean. We are definitively into serious earth changes.
In Toronto, Canada, not only did we receive more snow and cold than last year but for the first time my friends there can remember their is a lack of sunshine. I once read that Toronto had more sunshine days than L. A.

The Chinese saying ,”May you live in interesting times” becomes a reality at the moment. It is not only interesting but quite tumultuous.
Fasten your seat belts for the coming,” Year of the Rabbit”.