Yesterday, I had my third Thai massage since arriving 5 days ago. It was excellent as I expected to be as it was at the Loh Kroh school of massage in Chiang Mai. It was one of the teachers. Her name was Na.
She told me she remembered me from when they were at their other location directly on Loh Kroh Rd. Now, their are located on a soi across the street from their former premises.
The school was owned by a Dutchman and his Thai wife. They split up about six years ago and she got herself a French toy boy of sorts. The Dutchman was vastly older and in poor medical condition because of his bad lifestyle.
Normally, I see Nong but she is on holidays this week. I’ve decided to continue with Na as her delivery seems to suit me best at the moment.
Although , each therapist gives excellent treatments they all have their way of delivering it in a different manner.
In between these two treatments I had a lady who does house calls at my guest house give me a two hour Thai massage for six dollars. That’s what it was worth. The two other ladies who both teachers of thai massage charge 500 Baht as opposed to the 200 Baht that the lady with the inferior treatment charges. She moved too quickly and lightly to the point of irritation sometimes. Unfortunately , she didn’t speak any English so I couldn’t ask her to modify the treatment to my need and comfort level.
The other two ladies and all the therapist form the Loh Kroh school understand English as most of them have been working with foreigners for a decade or more and the school supported them in studying English .
Receiving a series of Thai massages while enjoying a holiday in location that delivers excellent service to its’ clients is a great value for money in my experience and opinion.
Each year, as I prepare to leave the cold, hostile climate of Toronto, Canada, I look forward to my dozen or more Thai massages as well to the wonderful food, smiling Thais and connecting with old friends of past years and the meeting of new ones.