As I had finished writing my post for today and elegantly presented lady in her sixties sat across from me. She explained to the waitress that she had send back a dish because it was too spicy hot and her stomach could not handle it.
Somehow our eyes met and we started chatting. I joined her at her table and found out she had spend a considerable time teaching English in Ecuador . Her base there was the lovely city of Quenca, home to about 7000 Ez-Pats I’m told.
She had also spend time in Vilcabamba in Ecuador where I spend most of my time when I was there last month.
She told me about a foundation she has said up to educate adults in Thailand. In fact she was off today for a month of teaching that she has volunteered to do with a former student of hers. Many of the adults have only completed up to grade seven because the country has free education until then she explained to me.
Her website is