I must apologize for being remiss with this blog for such a long time. A year ago , I began writing my memoir. All of my writing time has been focused on my memoir project. I have missed reflecting and writing on happiness in my life and happiness in general so here I am.

To me , there are many aspect of life that gives us happiness on earth, including life on the planet itself. I say this because my sister reminded me that nearly half my high school graduating class have passed on.

To me ; health, wealth and happiness are synonymous. As is joy, friendships, purpose, delayed gratification , and discipline to form structure,

Serendipity and synchronicity also play a big part in being happy. I am often reminded the quote by Lord Horace Walpole ,” Serendipity favours those who are most prepared. “ It behooves us to be prepared , to continually strive to be our personal best what ever that may be. The only competitor we have is ourselves. The first responsibility we have is to our selves. As someone , supposedly Einstein , stated , it is best to be yourself as everyone else is taken”.

Many people equate success with happiness and I suppose in way their is a correlation oftentimes ,but not always. If it is one’s life purpose, ones passion , then I see happiness forthcoming perhaps. A lot of so called ,success is born from insecurity and lack of knowledge of the true self. As one person put it rather graphically and crassly ,” I always wanted to be somebody ,but know I am somebody , I don’t know who the fuck I am”. In my own experience, I remember pursuing a PhD program until I realized that I had no passion around it and merely wanted the letters PhD after my name. I gave up the program and focused on something else I was passionate in and have been all the happier for doing so.

I’m happiest when writing, I’m happiest when I feel healthy. I feel happiest when listening to great classical music. I feel happiest when having deep conversations with friends.

There is a connection between pleasure and happiness. Riding my Brompton folding bike gives me great pleasure and I am happy with I am doing that. I feel the pleasure of a good massage treatment -physical contact which makes me feel happy afterwards. I feel happy when I can give a friend a gift that fills them with pleasure and perhaps to happiness as they treasure it’s value to them.