.        As the esoterics say, “As below , so above”. Well happiness is the same. As you feel inwardly , so you will manifest outwardly. Happiness ,pleasure, joy and contentment all make good bed fellows .

The more we feel content with ourselves , the happier we are wherever we go.

The path of happiness is like a pilot on his /her way to a destination.  The plane has to constantly be brought back on course to reach it’s destination . The same example can be used in driving a car. So it is with life.

For example , if we have poor health and we invest time, money and energy in addressing our dis-ease, we will become healthy and feel the pleasure and joy that abundant health gives us. So you see, happiness is not the goal ,but the byproduct of the energy expended to feeling good.

The same thing about happiness and money. By prudent financial practices and delaying gratification now, we later have money in abundance which does not detract from our happiness ,but add to it.

Most people live life on auto pilot. They ,”live lives of quiet desperation “ as John Steinbeck so eloquently put it. Fear is usually the culprit that allow people to live stagnant lives ,never questioning why they put up with a life that is not of their liking.

A line in a book called, “The Nature of Personal Reality” by  Jane Roberts has stuck with me for over four decades now. It stated simply, “if you don’t like your circumstances ,change it” This advice left a strong impression on me and became one of the quotes I live by. For example, oftentimes when I go to a restaurant only to find the music not only not to my liking but too loud, I ask the staff politely to please turn down the volume. Often times if myself and a guest are the only ones there ,they will actually turn the music off.

People are programmed from an ealry age to feel it is selfish to ask what they want. I’m not talking about a loud, boisterous demanding ,but simply challenging circumstances that are not to our liking.

I travel internationally a lot and I have never been through a scanner at an airport . I politely ask for a pat down and my request is always acknowledge. Even at such an airport such as Washington Dulles. They have always been courteous and professional about my request.  I rarely see other travlers making a request. I ask a friend of mine , a frequent business traveler if he goes through the scanner . His reply was ,” I always do as I haven’t seen any sign indicating where I should ask. “ I told him there are any signs, one has to merely request. My feeling it is not encouraged as it is time consuming and it is much better for management to have travelers have three times the dose that they would from a Cat Scan.  I know someone who works for the FDA – an M.D. and scientist -and when they tell himn that it is FDA approved , he looks at them and says ,”I work for the FDA”.

Dear reader . I hope you get the gist of this post- confront your fear and passivity and demand what it is that will lead you to happiness.