About two days ago I began feeling like my old self again. I had had the virus flu bug that is going around twice in the last two months. The first time was in Chiang Mai and it lasted about two weeks.

The second time was in shortly after arriving in Bali where I presently am residing. Normally, I am able to shake colds and flu bugs in three to four days at the most. The sucumbing to the virus in Bali knocked me flat out and it took nearly three weeks to feel human again. The beauty of being ill I suppose is that ,for a while anyway, we stop taking our good health for granted.  That is for those of us who put a lot of time, money and effort in being healthy. In spite of all the precautions , “shit happens” as they say.

For me I think my immune system was assaulted during the 15 hour flight from Toronto to Hong Kong. After nearly three decades of flying from North America to Asia, I wonder when my body will say, enough is enough. Of course flhying to Europe and taking a break would help ,but it is still a ten hour flight directly to Asia from any European city. Of course , I could go by ship. Being caught in a huge storm at sea is not my idea of having fun traveling either. When the time arrives , I will know what I must do.

Who knows ,perhaps my wanderlust will exhaust itself and I will happily embrace staying more of less in one country.