In the Spring of 2017 I experince my first oxgenated sauna. I was amazed at the energy I felt immediately afterwards. Later on I had 11 more. The main benefit I felt was that I hardly breathe hard walking or cycling up steep hills in the Beaches community where I have a home in Toronto.

I was intorduced to this powerful healing modality at one of the nurmerous health show held in Toronto in the Fall and the Spring.  The woman who explained the benefits to me had been healed of Lymme’s disease years previously. She had a science background and aside from experiencing the benefits of the sauna sessions could understand the concept from a sceintific point of view.

In the last two that I had before coming to Chiang Mai to escape the harsh winter weather that has less and less appeal to me with each passing year, I had been under a lot of stress. I immediately felt the stress reduction -the tension in my muscular melting and my nervous system relaxing.

The combination of the oxygen treatment and then lying on the EMF mat worked it’s magic.