.             Yesterday , as I walked briskly to my chiropractic appointment , I could smell the new Spring grass after the recent rainstorms in Toronto. I thought, Spring is the time of birth, of hope , of new beginnings.

After helping my friend down size again  during the past two weeks for the second time in two years, I felt the need for a tune up by my wise wholistic Chiroptactor, Dr. Patricia. McCord.  It turned out to be the best session that I ever had with her and she quiped ,”you should help someone move every week”. I replied, ” I don’t know about that ,it was rather quite hard work”. I found it interesting that I was a decade or two older than many of her friends, but they all have back and knee problems and ccould not help her with her move.

I have always made health -physical , emotional and mental health a priority in my life since my teenage years began. I have always been health conscious , studying various eating approaches over the past five decades and  reaching the conclusion that eating healthy is rather simple : eat whole uncontaminated foods and drink pure water.

I recently read a synopsis of a book on detoxificaton. The author mention several approaches ,but in the end the best thing you can do he says is eat organic  food. Someone posted on Facebook, “You should not ask why organic food is so expensive ,but why supermarket food is so inexpensive”. One of my favourite healthy foods is avocado and most times it is less expensive in my organic super market than in my local grocery store.

About two years ago , I began shopping at Costco for organic frozen berries as my health food store had priced blue berries out of the price that I was willing to pay. Since then , I have added organic frozen Peaces and Cream corn, Broccolli , and other vegetables to my weekly shopping as well as eggs. Living alone, I don’t always feel like eating the fresh vegetables right away so oftentimes they wilt and I throw them out. With frozen foods, I can eat the portion I want and the rreat remains fresh. Costco, in Ontario , Canada is buying up land and paying farmers to farm organically.

This year was my 27th winter living in Chiang Mai, Thailand. I did venture to Da Nang, Vietnam for a month by the beach which was lovely. I feel that being in a suny climate during the winter has also contributed to my health. I  walk a lot when it is warm and sometimes up to 10 kilometres a day. Movement is the second triad of being healthy. The third one is having peace of mind. They seem  to all flow into one another. If you eat healthy ,you feel like moving and if you move you feel rested and peaceful as you end up sleeping more soundly.

I fail to understand how people seem to put their health as there las priority and complain so much when their health fails them.