After enduring a five month renovation project that ended before Christmas, I decided to stay in Toronto for the winter. It isn’t that I like Toronto more than Chiang Mai, it is that it seems to suit my purpose more to be here in Toronto at this time. I wanted to enjoy my new space after enduing great discomfort for months while it was totally torn apart and rebuild. I’ve been running away from winter ,the cold and I made a decision to embrace it this winter. My only challenge is several grey days in a row.
One of my goals this winter is to begin a regular writing program. My new space provides the ideal environment to do this-it is warm , comfortable and sunlight when the sun is shining. My newly renovated kitchen is a treat to prepare food in. I say prepare because I became a raw food eater about 15 months ago.
I was introduced to it by my partner. I’m thriving on it in terms of renewed energy and losing weight in all the places I had always wanted to let it go, mainly, the waist and the small but evident love handles.
Even more than enjoying a better fit in clothing ,it is the new energy it gives me, that I enjoy the most.

I’m glad I didn’t go to Thailand in early November -my usual departure date.My friends have reported that it has been down right cold for the first time in decades in Chiang Mai. This applies to the night temperature.
It is a big problem because all the housing is geared for air conditioning ,not heating. It doesn’t help that the concept of insulation is foreign to Asia-at least all the countries -except ,Korea that I have traveled to.
I believe that this period has more of less passed.

Will I give in to Cabin Fever in the next two months? Time will tell.

A healthy and wealthy 2014 to all.