This summer I began a major renovation project in the apartment I live in Toronto. The result is a cozy beautiful warm nest to spend the winter if I choose. For the past 23 winters I have flown to Asia ,primarily ,Chiang Mai ,Thailand in the Fall or early
In the new year and returned in April to do and pay my fair share of taxes to the Canadian government! The government decides what is fair not me.
Last year this time I had been living in Thailand for a couple of weeks already. This year I have no firm plans.

I’m happy living and designing the interior of my newly renovated space-new insulated walls,ceiling and a new honey oak floor make me want to spend time in the space experiencing how I want it to be furnished. I threw out all the old furnishings and I’m starting from scratch.

Not quickly jumping on a plane is also part of my new Happiness project -living a life by design not default.
I turned 69 last week. I experience myself asp rather ageless as in many ways I feel younger now than when I was 19.
This has a lot to do with the fact that I have been fortunate to do
Therapy with a number of good therapists-both physical and psychological therapies that have released bands of tension that freed me in such a m annex that I actually have more freedom of movement than when I was 19.
I feel comfortable with myself and quite enjoy my own company usually in silence but sometimes I enjoy classical music to further nurture my soul.

Lately, I have read a number of good postings in the App , “Lifehacker”. I concur with their writings on Happiness.

Happiness is a choice. Choose wisely.

The Wandering Therapist

Arthur j. Poirier