If one possibly can, one should avoid going to Chaing Mai, or even Thailand from say Mid March to the first of May. This is the hottest time of the year in the Kingdom. The only way to survive comfortably at that time, is to go out early in the morning, be in your room ; or an air conditioned place, until about 3:30 p.m. to escape the unbearable heat and humidity.
The best time to come to Thailand are from Oct. to the end of Feburary and then from May to Oct.- during the rainy season.

I’m a contributor to TripAdvisor and I find it an excellent site. I have found many of the smaller, quieter, less expensive, and better value restaurants and places to stay are not registered on Trip Advisor.

Don’t be afraid to ask fellow travelers about their experiences. You will often find their advice invaluable.

I look at the places with high ratings in Chiang Mai and I shake my head. Often times, these places in their early humble beginnings were of good value ; but are no longer so. If you are in the city for a week or two and you live nearby they are of good value but for any longer time residences there are many places to eat and stay that are slightly off the beaten path. They are a good place to start off before exploring.

Lately, I have taken to dining at ,”Sahara” . I find it a good value for money and the upstairs patio is very comfortable. I especially like the chicken and eggplant dish.