This is my third visit to Chiang Mai in 2012. I have been spending the past 22 winters in Asia-most of them living in Chiang Mai.

Today I observed an inordinate number of backpackers looking for a place to stay in Chiang Mai. On my way to meet a friend for breakfast I stopped briefly to help a young lady. She was not looking for a specific place but any place. November is now the high season.

While sitting at a corner eatery in off the beaten path soi(street) I observed many pairs of backpackers looking for a place to rest their travelers weary bones. The time , I noted , was around midday. Generally most backpackers arrive early in the morning by either overnight train or bus.

If you plan to come to Chiang Mai , it is good to book something ahead of time. Housing located in the center tends to be more expensive than a bit outside the well traveled tourist paths.

We had had a torrential rain downpour last night that made walking quite enjoyable this morning.

Last year, November was the low season. “The times they are a changing”. When I first came here you could easily find a place all year around. This has all changed.

With to Global recession many young people and not so young people are coming here to sit it out and stretch their savings to a much longer period than they could in their Western country.

I do promise to post regularly. I apologize for being so remiss with my posting for quite some time now.