My winter stay in Chiang Mai, Thailand has been the most rewarding of the 22 years I have been coming to Thailand.
It all started out when I began having breakfast at Satava, restaurant. There I met the most fascinating collection of people.
They were from all parts of the world- America, Canada, England, Germany, Holland, France, Spain, Argentina, Cuba, and Norway and Russia.
A small number of them are professional photographers. Thailand and especially Chiang Mai is a photographers paradise.
Most ,however are involved in studying healing mostly in the form of Thai massage or are here to seek healing in either body or mind or both.

Our young man today is a very talented and has a developed a number of skills in the healing arts. He is from the USA but is formerly from a South American country. He is a very sincere young man and a true seeker. He appears to be in his late twenties.
We had a number of common interest- massage,astrology, psychotherapy and the exploration of deeper work for ourselves. He talked of the need to seek a safer country to live in than where he is now. We both agreed that America has dismantled the constitution to the point where basic rights of freedom no longer exist. This concern for freedom is a recurring theme in my conversations with the people I meet in Chiang Mai.

Because of my decades of exploring various healing modalities and traveling throughout 35 countries on the planet , I am able to find much common ground with the men and women that I meet on a daily basis in Chiang Mai.
I attempt to post daily but it is not always possible as my day becomes filled and there is no time to do a posting but I will attempt to post as often as possible.