Today at my favorite restaurant at the moment that I dine at every day I met a wonderful young man from Europe. He was in his early thirties and is on a spiritual odyssey in Asia. In Europe in worked as a Para Medical. He only worked part time therefore he was not burned out as one might expect a man or woman might be in such a stressful occupation . We chatted about how the medical system in his country is very concerned about the burn out rate as they spend a lot of money training Para Medicals.
In Asia he talked about the differences between the Monasteries and monks in Vietnam and those in Thailand. We chatted about his interest in marital arts and now he has settled in exploring the benefits of yoga.He had been to Cambodia before arriving in Chiang Mai and had bought a Galaxy 11 phone for about $500.0 dollars which is about 200 dollars less than what he might have paid in Thailand he told me.
Shortly after our chat a couple from Holland arrived. They were both over weight and not in the best of health. The woman was particularly overweight and used a small two wheel scooter in which she sat on the seat and walked along thus saving the stress on her knees. They told me that they had just retired this year and this was their first trip to Asia as there son worked in Thailand. There son is very much into ecology and conservation which he is lecturing on and doing workshops about in Thailand. I was siting at a table for four by myself and invited them to join me as I was about to leave in a short while.