There is a rather vibrant healing community among the 15 thousand ex-pats living in Chiang Mai.
This beautiful city is home to hundreds of experienced and extremely skilled natural healers from all
over the world as well as a number of Thai natural healers.

I have been coming to Chiang Mai for 22 years. For the first five years or so there was only one yoga teacher,
a Swiss man who lived and taught on the outskirts of the city. Now, there are perhaps several dozen studio’s stretched
through out the city. Yoga lessons ,although a bit cheaper than in the west is relatively expensive compared to the price or
living here. However, individual classes can be had at premium.

“The New GErman Medicine ” and the ,Russian Medicine” where people have purported to grow organs that had been removed is active in Chiang Mai. I met a Japanese man who teaches yoga on a stability ball to enhance your posture. he is higlhy qualified in his profession in Japan.

If you can haul your butt out of bed by 6:15 a.m. or so you can talk advantage of the free Chi Kung classes on the square by Thappee Gate or the free Thai Chi Chan classes at the same time on the square by The Three Kings monument.

I personally know an experienced ,skilled British Acupuncurist, Thai and western massage therapist , Alexander teacher who has founded a new type of therapy called ,”Transformational Body Work”. It is he that I have been having sessions with for the past several months and in such a short time has had a rather miraculously positive effect om both my body and mind.

In the first session alone , I was able to release a highly charged emotional trauma that I had been carrying around for the past two years. After thirteen sessions -with two more to attend-I feel 20 years younger. My shoulders , i am told have dropped two inches. The chronic tension in them have melted. The cracking ,creaking sounds in my neck of nearly 7 decades has disappeared, when I lie down all of my back makes contact with the surface I’m lying on, I walk with ease and grace-the goal then spurred me to undertake this venture 20 years ago-a my body and mind experiences a new lightness and a increase of vitality.

Chiang Mai, in my experience is an excellent city to come to for a healing retreat. One can choose from an array of both ex-pat and local Thai healers to book appointments that are quite inexpensive if you take time to look around .
This trip to me is a great testimony to that.