The truth is I often meet a number of new people in any given day. I pick one of the more interesting ones as they are all so interesting.

Today’s pick is a young lady who owns runs a restaurant in Chiang Mai.  The restaurants name is Miss Cornery.  Miss Cornery spend some time in Europe therefore she speaks English well.

The restaurant immediately made me nostalgic for a cafe I frequented during my two year stay in Japan a decade ago. I had to use a lot of energy to stifle crying in remembrance of such a beautiful memory experience. This cafe in Matsumoto, Japan was finished in warm wood and played classical and sometimes Jazz music. They served the most delicious desserts.

My new find in Matsumoto serves full meals and has many comfortable places to sit with low tables. Music with a rather loud bass was playing . I asked the owner to change it and she changed it to some soft melodious Jazz.

I had been invited to dine with my German friend , Andreas who had founded this gem of a restaurant nearly a year ago. He has a warm relationship with the owner.

I had grilled chicken with a salad . Andreas had a beef meal with salad .Afterwards, we both had the house special dessert blueberry cheesecake  pie. Thus, ended a perfect day in Paradise.