Once in a blue moon one is indeed touched by the Gods. The blessing in this case is a healer who has studied  the Alexander Technique. The sessions are normally refereed to as lessons as an attempt is made to reeducate the body to it’s natural movements for which it was designed .

He has also studied many forms of healing which he incorporates in his work. I knew from the moment he first touched me that he is indeed a true wholistic healer-that soft touch that melts your tension with hardly any physical effort. He has the touch that all great healers have. In his own personal life he strives to be impeccable . He has developed a strong spiritual life over the past several decades. He has lived in India for long stretches of time and worked with a number of teachers .

My first session was rather miraculous. I had had a physical and emotional trauma  occur in my life several years ago and could not let it go no matter how hard I tried. Within twenty minutes into the session I had to run to the bathroom as I needed to vomit urgently in spite of the fact my stomach was empty since the night before. I wretched dry heaves and broke out into a big sweat.  During the second session I had a very small upset  in my stomach but not like the first session. During the third session my stomach settled down and to my relief I could flow with the session knowing I would not spill the contents of my stomach on the floor.

The most fascinating result was that the incident that normally drove me to great anxiety and anger totally evaporated as if it never happened. This is the power of releasing a trauma stuck in the muscle tissues.

Although the treatment consists of gentle contact on my body with Iains’ hands when I go to be the night after the day of a session the muscles of my legs in particular feel as if they have had very deep massage . Within twenty four hours this feeling disappears and I experience myself moving fluidly.

I had been intuitively searching for someone who worked like Iain for some years now. I knew what I needed but it eluded me. I had found two wonderful Alexander teachers in Toronto who I am most thankful for . Perhaps they prepared me for Iain’s work but I must confess I feel it is something rather new and revolutionary. I have send him 7 patients and all report glowing feedback.

I look forward to session four tomorrow. Unlimited possibilities await me.