Recently, I began frequenting a venue called ,”Satava Yoga Chiang Mai”. The owner , a Thai woman is passionate about food. Every morning she buys organic food from an elderly woman farmer at the food market. She very much enjoys catering to a lively, healthy group of people who dine in her establishment.

The food is a reasonably priced tasty  healthy fare.

This organic veggie restaurant was established by a western man , an experienced  yoga teacher , who is also a trained body worker and a Thai woman about six years ago.

The restaurant is open every day but closes early on Saturday and at 1 p.m. on Sunday. Many of the diners are students of yoga or Thai massage therapy. The others are those who enjoy healthy living.

There are daily yoga lessons available upstairs on the fourth floor.

An example was this morning of a 53 year old Finnish fitness instructor who is visiting Chiang Mai for the first time but it is her fifth trip to Thailand. She calls Thailand the home for her soul.

Yesterday, at Satava,  I met a young Canadian woman who has a busy Thai massage practice in Canada. She has been coming to Thailand for a number of years to continue her study of Thai massage.