Imagine being raised in a Royal Palace for the first two decades in your life where there is no limit on what you can spend for material things.

Then a turn of events happen and you spend the next two decades in material , physical, mental, and spiritual isolation from society in an unknown destination in the desert. This is in essence the story of Mailika Oufkir and her family .

Next time you are feeling sorry for yourself read a book like ,”La Prisonniere “, and  but your life’s challenges in perspective .

Recently I read that a person on welfare in the United States- not the generous Canadian system – is better off materially than 95% of the population on the planet.

Did you know that there are 100’s of millions of people on the planet who consider themselves lucky to make one dollar a day.

Is it because of all marketing that we feeling deprived? Before the advent of television many of the poor people on the planet did not know what they were missing and for better or worse accepted their lot. Now, in the yurts of Mongolia and every shanty town  on the planet people are programmed to desire what they see on television. It is most likely the most desirable object sought by modern man.

Self disclosure- I have not owned a television in the past 20 years.

I love movies which I watch on my Epson Home Theatre System.

My news of what really happened and why it happen I get from a number of

sources such as ,”Global”,, “Forbidden Knowledge T.V. and others. Mainstream news exist to mislead and misinform the public. It feeds on sensationalism and a small number of people through the control of the media present events in particular manner suited to their political and power ideology .

There has been a very disturbing trend in the last number of years-the decline of the wealth and  quality of life of the middle class while the wealthy class has had a great increase of wealth. As for their quality of life , rich as well as poor suffer with the steep degradation of the natural resources on the planet earth.


The woman on the other hand perhaps makes the acquiring of a washing machine her priority. According to one expert it is the lowly washing machine not women’s liberation that has liberated women. Perhaps the lowly washing machine was the first step towards freeing women from long hours of hard physical work to give thoughts to how  she might be a free person in other areas of her life.

Next , came education which allowed a woman to earn a good living so she could be independent from being taken care of by a man and raising her own children if necessary.