I’ve decided that spending the summer in Toronto is a great experience. As a Global Traveler I’m constantly reminded that Toronto has a collection of the best looking women on the planet.

There is the diversity of people from all parts of the world who have settled in Toronto. As the famous author , actor , Peter Ustinov once said,”Toronto is like New York run by the Swiss”. That statement was said some time ago and and perhaps it is not as true as when it was uttered over a decade ago.

This is why although I plan to live most of the time away from Canada after this year, I plan to be in Toronto in the summer time to enjoy summer and the ladies of summer.

Living in the area of Toronto called “The Beaches” again increases my pleasure of  living in Toronto in the summertime.

Today I was rereading one of my favorite books ,”The Art of Getting Rich ” by  Wallace D. Wattles, a- pardon the expression- a minister at the turn of the century who was poor as a church mouse who after reading a number of the great philosophers had a realization and became rich.

The essence of his teaching is to do as much as you can every day without hurrying  to advance the cause of your goal.

Other rich men presently alive repeat the same mantra.

Getting rich is your divine duty Wattles state as only when you have enough money can you develop yourself as much as you are capable.

In value living however, we are also looking at attaining a passive income so you are free to develop yourself physically, mentally ,emotionally, and spiritually.

Recently, I read a great line. “You can win the rat race but you are still a rat running on your treadmill”.

The real goal in value living is to generate enough income by not working or doing very little work that frees you to do what you want , when you want.

In my case , I can go away for long periods of time traveling, enjoying different cultures and in the winter escaping the miser conditions of long contracted winter living that neither enhances the body nor the soul unless you are into suffering which is a philosophy I do not prescribe to .

I’m happiest in a warm sunny winter. I do ,however like , a touch of winter for a short time to experience the contrast. Three weeks is fine for me.

I recently began to see a small number of patients again. It is an enjoyable experience as I choose to do so not because I need to make money but I feel a certain satisfaction in using my abilities to be of service to others. I am happy.