I’m at Dada Kafe where I have been frequently for most of my stay during the last three months.
There are several other cafes that I frequent but I always have breakfast and dinner here.
Breakfast begins with a banana, mango,coconut and spiraulina smoothie.

This is followed a half hour later by a veggie omelette not on toast.

Oftentimes, the grand finale will be my favorite dessert , black sticky rice and mango.
I had black sticky rice for the first time this year-tastes so yummy.

Every second day I have a bottle of kombucha- a drink of fermented tea made from a giant
mushroom or “mother” . It is believed to be extremely medicinal in its’ effects on the body.

Sometimes I have bought a green tea without sugar with me. It can only bought at one shop I have found so far. This shop is a small hole in the wall store across the Centura Hotel where I go for my
workouts every morning.