There is always the first time for any experience. I have been traveling globally for 40 years.
This week is the first time I missed a plane. Yes, I have had many near misses but this week was the first time I actually missed a flight.

I suspect two things were at play. First, I wasn’t ready to leave Thailand and secondly, I somehow got the 1:30 a.m. flight confused on the departure day. Maybe it has to do with my mild dyslexia.

As I presented my ticket in Chiang Mar to the lovely lady at the counter for my on going flight from Bangkok , she stopped and looked at me and said ,”you missed your flight, you will have to go to Bangkok to sort it out:

Well it turns out she was wrong because I was flying on points and the Thai airline people do not have access to my ticketing information.

I had to go to an international phone calling centre and call Aeroplan in Montreal Canada.
On the second try- after waiting 20 minutes again I contacted an agent but before we could complete a flight plan my time on the phone terminated.
On the third call it took about 15 minutes to reach an agent. This time we found that the first time I could book business class for both portions of the route would be April 5th a day before my day Visa expires.

It rained for the past three days clearing the polluted air and cooling the atmosphere bringing temperature down to sweater and jacket attire.
Today it is partly sunny and warming up with the temperature forecast to climb to 37C on Monday.

Monday, back to the swimming pool to cool off . I shall be moving about minimally and slowly when I do move.