The answer to that question would be ,”It all depends in what country the plastic surgeon is located.”
As in everywhere some are better than others. I went on instinct on this one and came out a winner.
Normally, I would do my due diligence asking western folks who live here full time or my Thai friends.

Here is my story.

Yesterday, i decided to remove six skin tags- those pesky ugly loose skin pieces that make you look a thousand years old . It was partly out of vanity as I feel 19 most of the time not 66 but the real reason was that they irritated me so much that I just wanted to pull them off like an unwanted leach.

I went to Ram Hospital , a private Hospital in the middle of Chiang Mai, Thailand at 2 p.m. and presented myself at the dermatology floor on the 4th floor. I asked about an appointment to the dermatology clinic and the nurse replied that the next one was April 7th. I told her that my departure from Chiang Mai was on April 4th ( I believe that is correct folks) and I would not be here a that time.

Then she thought for a moment and said that a plastic surgeon was coming in at 5 p.m. and would I be interested in booking with him. She added that he had recently returned from post doctoral studies in the USA . I thought for a millisecond and said yes not being concerned and not asking about the price as I knew it would be a fraction of what it would be in North America or Europe if I were to see a plastic surgeon privately.

I trotted off to the health club and had my usual hydro therapy treatment, a longer swim than usual , a longe time than usual time in the sauna and afterwards dropping by my room to fetch a credit card as I had no idea what the bill would be but this card and I bought another one along. Between the two of them they would cover a bill of a million Baht but I was hoping for a much lower bill.
I arrived promptly at six on the dot and was escorted by a nurse to room one. There I took out my MacBook Air prepared for a lengthy wait but almost immediately a nurse was waving my chart and asking me the usual questions of ,”was I allergic to any medicine” .

From there my height and weight was determined. I protested at the judgement of the scales telling the nurse they should check the accuracy of the digital scales. I have been living with the belief that I lost a kilo or two on my diet and workout program since I arrived but the scales showed the reverse. Being the perpetual optimist , I thought yes, indeed I have gained 2 kilos of muscles and lost fat.

With these facts on my mind it was no time before the Dr. Krit Kwanngern arrived. We negotiated that I would not take antibiotics as a matter of prevention nor would I take any pain killers afterwards that I would rather suffer a bit than have this toxicity in my system.

Then I was escorted almost immediately to the emergency department and put on a gurney. I thought the pillow was a bit high and so was did the Dr. when he arrived as the first order he gave was to change the pillow to a smaller one.

I’m not sure why Dr.s assistance seem to be give preferences to male nurses.I suspect it is a Thai social thing. I must make some inquires about it.

Anyhow the Dr. worked away diligently and carefully for over two and a half hours before we called it an end to it. We had talked about four skin tags but then I remembered two others that I really wanted to get rid off and since it is highly unlikely I will be in this part of the world until next year asked him to remove the other two.

He was very sensitive giving me the anesthesia each time we came to a new tag and also kept asking me if it hurt when he began the surgical or laser procedure. I barely felt anything during the whole two and half hours.

The bill was 10,000.00 Baht for evaluation and Management Services as presented to me.

Let’s see about the same hourly rate for the services of an upscale massage session in Toronto, Canada. That is indeed an interesting comparison.

Three years schooling versus ten years plus for the medical Dr.

There was an additional bill of 2,752 Baht for the following items:Drugs 307.00 Baht. For some reason they gave me a discount of 34 Baht a bit over a buck. I hope that this was not for the drug being over the date due. Medical Supplies 1645.00 bahts, (for the use of a johnny gown and little band aids, maybe it was the cat gut sutures), 36 GMjE 400 Baht General Medical Equipment 200 Baht.

The nurse’s salary was 100 Baht -about 3 dollars. At a salary of about 1.25 an hour. I don’t expect a barrage of western unemployed nurses flocking to seek employment in Thailand.
The final item was i service OPD Charge of 100.0
I must ask on Friday when I get my stitches out what these symbol mean.
And there you have it folks.

In Canadian dollars the bill was $425.00 .

The whole event took place in a relaxed, caring and unhurried manner.
So refreshing from the treatments from the medial gods in first world countries.
I think a got a good deal . Welcome to medical tourism.