As I was walking home from the health fitness centre in a five star hotel back to my guest house for which I pay less than 8 dollars a day, I was thinking ,that of all the money I have spend this month, my 999 Baht or about 30 Canadian dollars is one of the best value for my money here in Thailand.

For a dollar a day out of my 30 dollar a day allowance , I get to use a lovely gym where I do my own routine quietly alone. There are both aerobic and yoga classes but I haven’t attended any of them yet.
Only the yoga classes interest me and they are at five in the afternoon. Perhaps sometime next week I shall check out the yoga classes.

After I do my routine about 20 to 25 minutes in the gym that consists of the Bamboo Chi Kung exercises, a number of yoga postures to work on my core and some light weights I go to the fitness room and do a ski type of movement for 15 minutes. I use the Al Sears,M.D. theory of doing short intensive bursts to the point of nearly being out of breath and then slowing down to normal breathing and then doing another burst.

After this I I head to the pool. After a short swim I stand under a stream of water spouting from the mouth of a lion twenty feet high. This relaxing hydro therapy treatment is becoming my favorite part of my morning routine.

After than it is reading by the pool, resting and working on a tan.

After only ten days I can feel a huge difference in my energy level.

My goal is to lose the accumulated extra fatty tissue around my middle as well as increase my lung capacity.