This past week I booked a flight to Bangkok via Tokyo (Narita) . I had no problems getting a business class seat in the first leg of the journey but great difficulty getting a seat in the Tokyo to Bangkok section of the trip. Is this telling us that more Asian travel business class than North Americans or is it that there are so many more of them traveling.
Anyhow ,on Jan 2nd, I shall depart from Pearson International Airport in Toronto on Jan. 2nd to the warmer , balmier weather of Asia.
I do look forward towards receiving my two hour thai massages with my favorite therapist Nong in Chiang Mai, Thailand.
Nong is a 32 year old female therapist who teaches at a school near the night market .
This is my 20th winter in Asia. Although, Chiang Mai is my base while being in Asia. I have wandered to many of the other countries in Asia.

No matter where I travel on the planet , I’m always eager to return to the Land Of Smiles, Thailand where I’m greeted by the most friendly and fun loving Thai men and women. They may be the best host country in the world. I have not been to the Philipines yet but I have been told that they are also very friendly nor have I been to the French Polynesian Islands- Cook Island to be specific.