This past weekend I rode a horse called, Chico for six hours back and forth to visit a friends rather rustic but comfortable home in the mountains here in southern Ecuador.
The ride home was rather challenging as we rode during a rain storm and after three days of rain.
The horse slipped and slid in the muddy trail but somehow kept me aloft safe and sound.

I marveled at quiet it was away from civilized land and how dark it was at night. This is something that one can not experience in the light polluted cities in the world.

Yes, I was sore and it took a couple of days before I walked not bow legged.
It had been 40 years since I had last ridden a horse.

As a teenager I had written a horse for seven years frequently after school.
It was like learning to ride a bicycle-you never forget,

It was a fantastic experience. There was much of the time we rode several inches from the
edge where a 2000 foot drop awaited us. I marveled at the ability of these intelligent animals to traverse such challenging terrain.

The winter rainy season has arrived and we have been experiencing rain from time to time but the mild weather is very comfortable.

This morning I met a wonderful man from Canada who is her for medical tourism. In his case , it is to get some expensive dental work done here. A dentist was recommended by friends of his who live here.

In my travels this winter I encountered a Chinese woman from San Francisco and woman from Hawaii who was in Thailand for medical tourism.

I see this as a very viable form of dealing with expensive medical issues for those who do not have medical coverage in their country.