I apologize for my lack of postings. The reason is the absence of reasonable cost of internet access and lack of time.

I attended a raw food dinner tonight put on by the ex-pat community here in Vilcabama.
There were about 20 people in attendance.

A natural juice bar opened in the square nine days ago and it is very busy,
Today I made arrangements for the owners to make me an organic salad for lunch.

I have been spoiled by the wonderful food that I have enjoyed in Chiang Mai, Thailand for the past 20 years. I do hope some one comes here and opens a Thai restaurant or a Thai veggie restaurant.
The weather continues to be excellent. It looked like rain today for a while but past it didn’t materialize.
It is hard to imagine that four years ago there was not a care driving around the town square.
There still aren’t many but there is a line up of taxi’s starting at 3 p.m.
Prior to four years ago people traveled by horse back and tied their horses or mules to the posts along the store fronts. They still do it today but not so often.

A number of people -mostly foreigners – use mountain bikes to get around the town.
I’m not sure how confortable I might feel using a bike here. The drivers have a certain manner of driving that one needs to understand before using the roads.
One foreigner’s car was demolished because he insisted on making what we in North America would call a proper left hand turn.
He was clobbered by a bus who didn’t stop for him. Apparently , what one does is wait in the right hand lane and scoot across like a scared rabbit when the coast is clear.
The bus drivers here are a force to be considered and use the road as if they have all the right of ways-might is right.